We’re getting alot of questions wondering if TART is just for girls and the answer is no it’s not! It’s for everyone, don’t be scared by all the pink.


Can you see what I see? If you see a Hanecdote original printed on a crappy tshirt without my consent, Im asking all of my followers and supporters to please email enquiries@primark.co.uk with the Subject “Hanecdote cares” and CC in hanecdote@hotmail.com, expressing your concern about the situation. Below are other Primark social media sites, feel free to let them know that theyre taking advantage of a struggling young artist. Its no secret Ive struggled with mental health and your support through Hanecdote has helped me in so many ways. They will not turn me into a Prozac Princess (dont try and steal that idea, Primark!) 

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Please include @hanecdote or #hanecdote and thank you so much for all your past and future support. 

(Source: 420sadgirlsclub)